Life Saving fall detection SOS NurtureWatch, with GPS, for seniors.

24/7 Monitoring Protection Care Device

New GPS tracking watch provides you with peace of mind by helping you stay connected with your loved ones and alerting you of falls and emergencies when you're not around...

Why NurtureWatch?

Do you worry about your loved ones being by themselves, constantly thinking about their safety and wellbeing?

Do you feel a sense of guilt and responsible if something were to happen to them when you are not around?

Well the NurtureWatch was created to alleviate those concerns by providing you with a tracking and communication device to monitor and care for your loved ones while giving them the freedom to remain independent and safe!

Our NurtureWatch is a global tracking and communication device designed for the elderly and those with special needs. It securely and accurately tracks the user’s whereabouts through GPS technology. It can make two-way calls to family members, caretakers or to an emergency centre.

With the NurtureWatch, you can monitor the user’s heart rate. It has fall detection capabilities and can automatically make emergency calls giving you peace of mind knowing that at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, help is available with the push of a button.

Whether you need to contact a family member, friend or the local paramedics, everything can be accessed with the NutureWatch.


Features That Bring You Peace of Mind