Monkey Jabber Kids 4G GPS smartwatch with camera

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Finally, A Child Safety Device That Gives You The Peace Of Mind To Knowing Exactly Where Your Child Is When They Go Missing !!!

The new 4G Monkey Jabber model is great kids watch. It includes 2-way cellular calling, GPS tracking, step counter and Heart Rate monitor. Plus, we're adding camera functionality to take instant cool pictures by kids and is water resistant.

NO Tethering required as we include the SIM card.

***** Black Friday!  Save$150 !!******* Discount price of US$150 is shown.

The 4G Monkey Jabber kids GPS smartwatch is remotely managed through our NurtureWatch App giving the family peace of mind. 

There's NO browser of Play store - hence no surfing.

Kids can stay in touch with each other and their family directly from the wrist. No need for kids to break or loose an expensive cellphone or pay for an expensive phone plan.

Whether you need to contact a family member, friend or the local paramedics, everything can be accessed with the NurtureWatch.

The Monkey Jabber watch – our kids smart watch – works on 4G mobile networks, allowing for practically unlimited coverage. 

No need to pair with a cellphone or Bluetooth connection or search for a WiFi connection as it works practically everywhere as we provide the cellular service for a low cost of $25/month.

Imagine your 7-year old encounters a Ninja warrior at the playground while you're distracted chatting with other parents. Your kid's new friend suggests to him they go back to the Ninja house to play with some new warriors and tells him it's right across the street. Unfortunately this happens more than we'd like but, with the Monkey Jabber's GPS and its Safe Zone feature, you're immediately alerted on your phone. You open the alert and instantly see your little spy fighter taking a step too far – this is one of the greatness of the Monkey Jabber. As a parent, you're immediately alerted.

There are many GPS tracker watch for children, but the Jabber is unique in the sense that your child can never get lost wearing it

Our Monkey Jabber Kids 4G GPS smartwatch has an SOS function that Alerts in the Case of an Accident

Having the ability to let a person in your family or emergency services know that you have had a catastrophic event is the key to saving life's and reducing treatment and recovery time from an accident.

Monkey Jabber 4G watch is like a smartphone, but a watch, where calls can be received and initiated - like a regular cellphone.

Having the ability to make contact with your loved one on a device that they have on their wrist has a huge advantage over a standard phone.  They don't misplace the watch and it's literally on them at all times for two-way communication and calls.

Monkey Jabber has GPS Tracking Built In and Gives You 24/7 Visibility to child

The ability to track a loved one when feared they are missing is invaluable, GPS tracking allows you to be able to see where your loved one is at all times and gives the ability for your family to make sure you are OK without intrusion into your life.  Also Geo-Fencing technology built into our application allows for preset area alerts.

Does it include 4G/LTE Voice & Data Service? 

YES! EACH  Monkey Jabber Watch includes a SIM card, and the 1st month FREE of Voice & Data service. After that, we have an accessible monthly fee starting at $25 per month.

It's made FOR  KIDS !!!

My kids love it & we have parents who bought it to track and talk to their kids to/from school. Though some people prefer the Monkey Jabber smartwatch.

What is the warranty period? We offer a one-year warranty on the functionality of the watch, this does not include wear and tear or water damage. This covers the inner electronic parts and does not include the strap or scratches or water damage to the watches.

Can I return the watch? The watch can be returned, minus a $100 restocking  and cleaning fee due to COVID. As long as it hasn't been worn and no more than 5MB of Data or 5 minutes of use within 15 days of receipt. If the watch has been worn, or has signs of wear & tear sadly, we can not accept a return for sanity and COVID-19 reasons. The cost of returning the watch is the responsibility of the purchaser.