Emergency SOS 4G Pequeño Guardian button with 2-way calls & Live GPS

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The SOS Pequeño Guardián "Little Guardian" is a 4G/ LTE emergency SOS button that instantly calls family in life-threatening situations. No fumbling for a cellphone, no tethering on smartwatches, simply press the SOS from your keychain and you're INSTANTLY talking to family.

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Best of all, press the SOS button and your GPS location is shared with your family - wherever in the world they are (same city, different city, same country, different country). The Pequeno Guardian instantly calls family by pressing the SOS button - if they don't answer it rings to a second family member and if they don't answer it rings to the third family member. It also has instant FALL detection and immediately alerts and calls relatives when a fall occurs.

The SOS button also includes silent listening in case of life-threatening situation. Imagine being in a lock-down or a shooting and you only want family to hear what's happening but you can't talk, the Pequeno Guardian SOS button does just that.

Pequeno Guardian is an emergency SOS button that includes worldwide cellular connectivity - monthly voice & data is $25/month. Each SOS Pequeno Guardian button has a local country phone number allowing incoming/outgoing calls - with no need to tether, connect to WiFi or buy a separate Cellphone service.

Providing security and tranquility both to its user and to the people who remotely monitor their loved ones from their mobile phones. Also includes unlimited tracking anywhere in USA/ Canada for a small monthly fee that includes voice calls.

Cellular 4G/ LTE service available across the world to track and monitor and loved ones.

GUARANTEED to work in your country as we include the SIM card and cellular connection on this 4G LTE device.

A simple press of the SOS button connects you to help - wherever you go, the Pequeno Guardian is guarding you.


Does the SOS Pequeño Guardian work on WiFi?

YES, our device can connect to a WiFi connection through our security free accompanying App. Though if you exit the house you'll need a 4G connection that we provide for $25/ month for outdoor GPS tracking and 40 voice minutes per month.

How does the GPS work?

We use AGPS - Assisted GPS - that triangulates your location based on the 3 nearest cellphone towers. Much more accurate than satellite GPS!

Can I adjust the GPS frequency of tracking the SOS Pequeño Guardian?

Yes, through our App you can adjust the tracking frequency, starting from every minute.

What happens when the SOS button is pressed.

Three things.

  1. An SOS alarm is sent to family members who have the App.
  2. Your GPS location is shown on a map on the App.
  3. A phone call is initiated automatically to the 1st stored SOS number.

           If the 1st phone number doesn't answer then the second number is dialled, and then the same call to the third.

Do I need to buy a SIM card?

NO, we include a SIM card with all purchases. We do so, because to work outside we require a cellular connection, providing the most accurate GPS location and allowing voice phone calls. There is a monthly fee of $25 per month that covers unlimited GPS tracking and 40 voice minutes per month.

How much is the cellular connection and what does it include?

Our monthly cellular connection is only $25 per month and includes unlimited GPS tracking & 40 minutes of monthly voice. Extra minutes are only a few dollars more.

How many SOS numbers can I program?

You can program up to 3 phone numbers within your country.

How do you program the SOS & GPS tracking frequency?

Through our free App, you can modify all the settings on the device from your smartphone - or your relatives smartphone. The App is free on the iOS & Android store.

Can the SOS Pequeño Guardian be used for kids?

Absolutely!  It's meant for all ages and it's simple to use.

Does the SOS Pequeño Guardian have Fall Detection?

YES, it also has our proprietary fall detection software installed on the button.

How do you compare versus similar products in the market?

1) We use proprietary, patented-protected, software on our devices

2) Our servers, that transmits your GPS location to your loved ones, is backed by advanced anti-hacking software.

3) We hire hackers every few months to try and hack our software & servers 

4) Global money-transportation companies use our both our hardware & software (App & Central Dispatch center)

What certifications do you have?

  • FCC
  • CE
  • SAR
  • IP67

Can I return it? The button can be returned, minus a $100 restocking & cleaning fee due to COVID, If it hasn't been worn and no more than 5MB of Data or 5 minutes of use within 15 days of receipt. If the watch has been worn, or has signs of wear & tear sadly, we can not accept a return for sanity and COVID-19 reasons. The cost of returning the watch is the responsibility of the purchaser.