Pequeño Guardián - 4g/LTE SOS button with GPS & Fall Detection

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The Pequeño Guardián "Little Guardian" is a 4G/ LTE SOS button that includes a Fall Detection alert. Providing security and tranquility both to its user and to the people who remotely monitor their loved ones from their mobile phones. Also includes unlimited tracking anywhere in USA/ Canada.

 Complete with an SOS help request button, establishing a cellular call in urgent situations or in cases of emergency. With the GPS system it is possible to position the geographical location of the "Little Guardian".

Cellular 4G/ LTE service available across the world for $20/month includes monthly voice minutes & sufficient to track and monitor and call loved ones).

GUARANTEED to work in your country as we include the SIM card and cellular connection on this 4G LTE device.

Ideal for lone workers, Seniors, Retired people, seniors with Alzheimer's or Dementia or elderly living in Century Village or similar places in Florida, Arizona or South Carolina.

Recommended by the AARP..